Paroles Lost In Space de Aimee Mann

Aimee Mann
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  • Artiste: Aimee Mann9368
  • Chanson: Lost In Space
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Textes et Paroles de Lost In Space

Verse 1:
Lost in Space above I'm drifting and
To a place where planets shift and then erased its features lift in the glare

Verse 2:
But I'm the stuff of happy endings
that mostly bluff belief's suspending that
close enough for just pretending to care

Chorus 1:
and I'm pretending to care
when I'm not even there
gone but I don't know where

Verse 3:
Well, she's the face and I'm the double
that keeps the pace and clears the rubble that
lost in space fills up the bubble with air

Chorus 2:
by just pretending to care
like I'm not even there
gone but I don't know where

It spins like a sun
and then cannot tell
the lie from the ...

Chorus 3:
so baby beware
I'm just pretending to care
like I'm not even there
gone but I don't know where

gone but I don't know where
gone but I don't know where

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