Paroles The Lord de Aion

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  • Artiste: Aion4916
  • Chanson: The Lord
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Textes et Paroles de The Lord

I'm the king, I was once a rover, outlaw, sailor and slave
Now my time has come and I'm the LORD.
Sword and axe cleared my path to the throne,
From which I'm lokking now at the rest,
Realms of my land, it's not a dream!

Sword, power, rule - that's my sign
My life is the struggle for better times.
The struggle that will send the powers,
Of evil to their doom.

I'm stumbling now along the thorny path of power.
I look at my subjects, who conspire to release,
Themselves from under my foot.
I'm not afraid, I know that my power,
And sharp sword don't let the thirst for revenge to emerge.
Only mighty soeves lurkin' in the mountains,
Arose my anxiety.

Sword, power, rule - that's my sign.
My life is the struggle for better times.
The struggle that will send the powers,
Of evil to their doom.

Many years of quiet and wise reign had passed,
Before the time for the meeting of two forces come.

The Lord and his faithful soldiers,
made a stand against the immortal enemy.
King of Darkness come from murky,
Abyss of hell to defeat the mankind with,
Fire and Magic.

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