Paroles Remote Viewing de Alarum

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  • Artiste: Alarum7014
  • Chanson: Remote Viewing
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Textes et Paroles de Remote Viewing

Backwards and forwards through time
The deepest vistas of space
The cellular make up of man
The parapsyche of intense interaction
What's known as the RV Telescope
Through eyes we've never seen
Sights the true in all things

A modulated RV envelope used for purposes wrong
To intensify the hold on makind
To pure the breed of genetic pride
That leaves our shattered world to regain

Where will I go upon my exiting of form
Relativity escapes me in the quantum realm

Continue to remain, to extend to perceive
How can you be so arrogant
As to believe we can improve on nature
Create an opening

Leaving remotely I am viewing
Relearn to view
Leaving remotely I am viewing
Relearn to view

Leaving remotely I am viewing
Relearn to view

Where will I go upon my exit of this world

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