Paroles Enhancing Enigma de Alchemist

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  • Artiste: Alchemist4964
  • Chanson: Enhancing Enigma
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Textes et Paroles de Enhancing Enigma

A captive soul returns
Limited materialistic boundaries.
Repeating the progress of leaving
as previous knowledge dissolved long ago.
Bewildered by totems in nature
we quest universe reflection, but

When mind potentialities exhaust
the answers remain untapped.
Homosapiens terrorize one another
Conforming like drones
Homosapiens, molesters of nature
Homosapiens, parasite of the Earth

Concepts of existence astonish,
reality resides within myself.
Significance is questionable
We're less to the universe
then amoeba to the oceans

A mass of molecules and atoms
united to my consciousness
Ending in physical errosion
Repeating the cyclic process

Is this concept mirrored within myself?

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