Paroles Cb4 de Slum Village

Slum Village
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  • Artiste: Slum Village12635
  • Chanson: Cb4
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Textes et Paroles de Cb4

Everytime you try to do what you can
To get the ass, it's part of the plan
You settin it up, you buyin her stuff
You do it for the love cause you bucklin up
MacNicholas, Muh-Fuck ready to,
The S gin-u-ine, you invision the grind
She's already wit it, you just wanna dine
See now I'm going for mine
Plus to tell the truth y'all
It's been a long time, this chick got me settin up the abbeyance
If you ask me, yo it's time to get down
I turn up the music, get some bass in my sound
Quick dash to the bathroom cologne me down
Now, it's time to relax
Back on the scene that's, MackNicholas mack
Tell her the place to be is the place where she's at
She's feelin relaxed, my hands on her,
I'm feelin up this chick I'm feelin up her flap jacks
Got a page from her girl said let me call Sha ne' back
Sha' ne said, "I had to leave the kids back at the flat girl"
So she just pull up the, had to go and thats wack

[Jay Dee (SV):]
Yo check it out yo, follow
Felatio, interference, permiscuous, homosapiens
[x2](Felatio, interference, permiscuous, homosapiens)

[Jay Dee]
You shouldn't'a gave me a huh
In the first place
You should have put up the guard, since the first date
I know that it's hard, but it's not the worst case
I told you straight from the starts
That I was thirst-ay
For more than just one or two
Shit, two or three, can do
Much more than just one could do
Listen, it's good for ya health
Cause you know I aint the one to
Repeat myself [x5] .......
Yo yo why you playa hatin?
I knew it was a reason for the separation
Girl said you told her that I was a super,
See I aint even know, that you could stoop so low
What the fuck you over here fo'
What, the girl she in the room what, there's the door
I'll tell her that you came and that you said hello
What up

[JayDee (SV):]
Felatio, interference, permiscuous, homosapiens
[x2](Felatio, interference, permiscuous, homosapiens)

I wonder what happened to my nigga, cock block
I hate to see ya young ox, but up in a box
He became a dread cause he had a lock
On the flock in the place all on my jock
Cause I had grace
Told Cock Block he could hop many women
Upon them never ever release your semen
Upon them is a materialized demon
Illustrious, succubus, do not trust
She see you when you coming
She know you wanna bust
Now she got you sippin on the clitorus, juice
Some of them juices is poisonous, juice
Shoulda took notes, when the master spoke
Places in the pussy, you can provoke
You got what you want
Your soul is ghost, ghost, ghost, ghost

Felatio, interference, permiscuous, homosapiens
[x6] (Felatio, interference, permiscuous, homosapiens)

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