Paroles Into The Flames Of Progression de All Out War

All Out War
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  • Artiste: All Out War8479
  • Chanson: Into The Flames Of Progression
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Textes et Paroles de Into The Flames Of Progression

Trapped in denial, we deny the blood we've spilled, enemies of creation, victims of of our own free will. Weapons of destruction, in the name of peace, claim we're the civilized, we deny we are the best. Fools of the world, progress, into a state of pain. Harvest all this sorrow, far beyond salvation's grace. Poisoned by our knowledge, we destroy the Earth. Arrogant and ignorant, overestimating our self worth. Lost in our own ignorance, drown in our own blood, slaves to our arrogance, victims of lust. Blind foolish masses, deny their fate, mankind's supremacy, immoral human race. Ignorant creations that is enslaved in lies, can't we see our advancement leads to our own demise? In a que st for power, we've destroyed the Earth. ...still have no way. We've destroyed creation, for our own lives. In all our arrogance, we will drown in flames. Hide our torment, lives lost. We lie and then we're through suffer. We suffer, in their lies, and I've been waiting forever to find

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