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  • Artiste: All17666
  • Chanson: Wrong Again
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Textes et Paroles de Wrong Again

So much dirt has been thrown
I thought it was buried
So much time has passed
I thought it was over
So many slurs have been made
I thought it couldn't be made worse
I thought once again I could trust you
Wrong again
Now I know you'll never let go
Now I know we can't be friends again

You pray for my damnation
I pray I'll never be like you
But I won't offer you my absolution
Did you really expect me too?
This is my way of walking away
Now I close my ears to your lies
Any faith I had in you is gone
Now I know your words disguise
Wrong again

Enjoy your hate; I'll regret my pity for you
Too bad you turned out wrong again

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