Paroles 1968 de American Werewolves

American Werewolves
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  • Artiste: American Werewolves20432
  • Chanson: 1968
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Textes et Paroles de 1968

the children of the night
into the bleeding light (1968)
the pounding of your heart
they're lurking in the dark (1968)

nineteen sixty eight (68)
nineteen sixty eight (68)
nineteen sixty eight (68)
nineteen sixty eight (68)

the devil rides the night
in the bleeding light (1968)
into the crawling eye
your blood keeps us alive (1968)

nineteen sixty eight (68)
nineteen sixty eight (68)
nineteen sixty eight (68)
nineteen sixty eight (68)

sixty eight (68)
sixty eight (68)
sixty eight (68)
nineteen sixty eight

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