Paroles Of Steel And Pain de Ancestral Volkhves

Ancestral Volkhves
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  • Artiste: Ancestral Volkhves43706
  • Chanson: Of Steel And Pain
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Textes et Paroles de Of Steel And Pain

Your candle has burnt
I dream my dreams
About Steel And Pain
Alone In Darkness
It Was Night And It Was Cold It Was Time Of Wolfen Hunger
It Was Return Of Sulphur Beasts
It Was Escape From Labyrinth Of
Steel And Pain
Love To Helpless
Steel And Pain
I´m Entering Your Mind To Arrest It In Eternal Hate
I´m Preparing Your Soul
To Accept Me The Poison
It Was Scream And It Was Cry
It Was Lose Of Losers
It Was Conquest Of World Of Liars It Was Conquest Of Labyrinth Of
Steel And Pain
Love To Helpless
Steel And Pain

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