Paroles Wisdom Of Volkhves de Ancestral Volkhves

Ancestral Volkhves
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  • Chanson: Wisdom Of Volkhves
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Textes et Paroles de Wisdom Of Volkhves

From The Oldest Times The Volkhves
Wanted To Resemble The Gods
Therefore They Yearned For
Divine Immortality

Already To Yearn But Means To Live
And To Live Means To Wander
To Wander For Happiness That Is To Suffer
To Wander For Knowing That Is To Search
To Wander For Immortality That Is To Die

I Live To Learn Their Story
Whose Deeds Crown History´s Pages
I Live To Hail That Season
By Gifted Minds Foretold

I Live To Learn Their Story
Who Have Suffered For My Sake
To Emulate Their Glory
And Follow In Their Wake

The Fading Of The Cloud, The Breaking Of A Chain
The Rending Of A Mortal Shroud, We Never Shall Need Again
The Entrance Of The World To Come, It Is Life For Evermore

The Mightier Second Birth, The Unveiling Of The Soul
It Is Freedom From The Chains Of Earth, The Volkhves´ Supreme Goal
A Song Of Ziva´s Lips, The Spring Of Mystic "Yevoye"

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