Paroles Towards The Gates Of Mystery de Ancestral Volkhves

Ancestral Volkhves
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  • Artiste: Ancestral Volkhves43706
  • Chanson: Towards The Gates Of Mystery
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Textes et Paroles de Towards The Gates Of Mystery

The Path Leading To The Abyss
The Gates Are Still Locked
Who Dares To Enter The Passage
Beyond The Reach Of Common Sences
To Turn Loose The Hidden Powers

So Let´s Step Into The Abyss
The Gates To Our Roots To Open
With A Spiritual Battering Ram
And The Guidance Of Old Rod
Once And For Ever
Prepare To Receive
The Rays Of Light And Truth
In Its Full Effulgence

O´ My Godness I Speak Thy Names
Thou Art No More Forgotten
Come Forth All Ye Nature Powers

Svarog, Mokos, Perun, Lada,
Veles, Chors, Simargl, Dazbog,
Svantovit, Pripegal, Ziva, Triglav,
Rod, Stribog, Pizamar, Prove,
Jarovit, Zela, Porevit, Nyja...

Come Forth All Ye Elemental Spirits
Kovlad, Diva, Rarach, Jaga...

Thou Art No More Demons !!!

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