Paroles Nomad de Aphses

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  • Artiste: Aphses44593
  • Chanson: Nomad
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Textes et Paroles de Nomad

Circle of the Tarot
force of evil
blackness is my destiny
evil is my destiny
pose is your name
play with things
that what your never see
life changes
like your mind
nomad, nomad
souls of death
guts are in my brain
I've returned from the dead
everything is dark
the zombies break
my bloody heart
chaos is my destiny
the pose in your destiny
nomad, nomad
life is so easy
like the color of love
sweet heart is my song
my beautiful long hair
my leather clothes
are sweet
girls coming to me
girls make love to me
all the time
I'm a rock star
my destiny is the frame
my destiny is the pose
my glove is black
my mind is black
I'm a son of satan
at school I'm so bad
I hearing ugly music
the way of society sees me
I'm a different kind
sickness disease
poor is your mind
think like jerk
practice what you preach
negative is your flag
always your pretend
to be so interested
talking about mystic placers
when children die
when the war comer up
your problems is your mind
see the world decay
and you do nothing about it

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