Paroles Once Upon A Time de Arwen

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  • Artiste: Arwen8422
  • Chanson: Once Upon A Time
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Textes et Paroles de Once Upon A Time

There is a goblin
who a wonderous story tells
of a witch and a forest and
how on it she puts evil spells

Then sadness arrived there
she blackened the skies there
and the tears of a mountains she turned to ice
all that magic and fantasy vanished
the smell of the flowers and music of birds

Children of the blue moon
unite your dreams with your tender hands
recall all your desires and smile
happily once again

While the essence of that spell
silenced the whisper of the trees
unicorns galloped looking for
other lands in which to be free

And time left that place
and winter came to stay
(the) mist covered the valley with darkness

(And a) sweet young princess
cried like no othr in the light
of the moon listening to the fairies cry


Where are you my great moon
tell me if you have seen the sun
now I am a princess without light
I left my memories fly away

My sadness drows with my tears
green emerald I need to see you once again
I want to see the rainbow in the sky
and listen to the song of
water flowing from a stream
where are you long lost hope, ray of light
magic of the place where I learnt to dream


Draw a world full of life
where (the) land is green and
(the) sea is blue
someday you will see a great paradise
grow all around you

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