Paroles Pirate Blues de As Cities Burn

As Cities Burn
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  • Chanson: Pirate Blues
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Textes et Paroles de Pirate Blues

Before you, your Mom and your Dad used to
smoke in the Texas sun.
They were young once too.
And your Mom, she found Jesus
while your old man stepped out
and drew up his veins.

It's quiet in the house of the old.
You can hear through grinding teeth,
clocks taking their toll.
'Cause time has a mind of its own
like our sun spinning around
it won't slow for you now.

Oh, I wanna catch in a song
notes I don't hear yet,
but I will when I am gone.

I've been pouring my heart up,
up through the floor boards
but you don't live here no more.

Oh, you wanna catch in a lens
color your green eyes don't see just yet.

The horsemen, they all blow out their torches.
I can see you still shining now.
You sleep in a bed for a giant
while you wait for your love to come home
but you don't know she's not coming back.

Oh, I wanna find out I'm wrong
and every road leads us home.
Oh, but I'll never know
'cause I keep my eyes closed
and only go where I've been before.

Oh, say you don't know if you don't

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