Paroles Straight Aways To Get Away de As Cities Burn

As Cities Burn
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  • Artiste: As Cities Burn12922
  • Chanson: Straight Aways To Get Away
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Textes et Paroles de Straight Aways To Get Away

I peel back the staples
I'm leaving a space where your frame used to hang
I'm leaving holes in the wall and holes in my heart
now let's begin at forgetting and we'll end at forgotten
I'll be forgotten as soon as you let go...let go
seeing you today was like losing you all over again
I know I said I wouldn't ask but does it have to be this way?
empty the locket and throw it beneath the bed
along with the things you wish you could forget
I swear I'm under there somewhere
now let's begin at forgetting and end at forgotten
I'll be forgotten as soon as you let go...let go
I'll forget just to stay alive
and God's plan winds but his faithfulness is at every bend
and straightaway to get away from reality
reality without you

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