Paroles Take me tonight de Ashanti

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  • Chanson: Take me tonight
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Textes et Paroles de Take me tonight

Why dont you take me tonight
Take me away wherever you like
Cuz I only want you my baby
No place I rather be, you're all I need, all I want so lets go

(ashanti): boy you got everything that I need and I couldnt ask for more
And everything on me is all yours cuz
You make me smile like I never smiled before
And I adore you, want a lil more of you
Do anything I'll go anywhere as long as I can hold your hand
So lets go

(au Refrain)

(lloyd): baby I aint never been the tupe to fall in love and having thoughts of me and just one
Till I found you and I'm proud to say
That I cant see me without you
You aint nuttin like them other girls
Cuz I get to -
And travel around the world
And you aint even gotta pack your things
Watever you want or need I got it
So lets go

(au Refrain)

(ashanti) now can you take me and can you make me feel like I never felt before

(lloyd) shorty I can take you and I can make you feel like you need more and more

(ashanti) maybe we can go somewhere tonite

(lloyd) if you want to baby we can catch a flight

(ashanti) long as I got you baby everything is ok

(lloyd) listen, you can ride wit me, you can fly wit me where ever

(ashanti) or we can stay at home, we can be alone together baby

(lloyd) cuz you kno I need u baby

(ashanti) aint no place I rather be

(lloyd) you're all I need

(ashanti) you're all I want so lets go

(au Refrain)

You're all I need in my life when I'm wit you everything is just rite

2004  "Concrete Rose"

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