Paroles Southside (Remix) de Scarface

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  • Artiste: Scarface10349
  • Chanson: Southside (Remix)
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Textes et Paroles de Southside (Remix)

(feat. Lloyd)

My southside, my get back
My heartbreaks, my karmas
My set backs, my hometown
My lifetime, my sun up
My sun down, my everything
My used to be, my has been
My loveline, my bloodline
Memories come flashin'
My neibougherhood, my old g's
The young niggaz behind me
The don't spread, the hussle hard
These bitches that remind me
Stay up on my hustle hard
Cause people love to see you fail
Hate to see you gettin' green
Envy's got a shitty smell
Walkin' far in Gamo boots
Yankee hats still to the back
Ain't no cover up for roots
Got a pocket full of crack
Lock it up and get a jacket
Ain't no comin' back for now
You wrapped up on the party life
Out here we acceptin' taxes

Tell your daddy stop his hatin'
Cause I be wearin' braids and rockin' jerseys daily
But that don't mean I'm thuggin' though
He don't want me with you
But I ain't tryin' to hear it though
Not tryin' to hear it though

[Ashanti (Lloyd)]
But I know that if he knew you
He would understand you
Know that your my man and
He would never hurt me no
Let me come and see you
So that we can be alone, alone
(Baby I know a place that we can go and be alone)
As long as you make sure that you safely get me home
(Don't worry baby)

[Chorus: Lloyd, (Ashanti)]
Meet me at the southside
Get you home by midnight
Make sure that your daddy just don't know (Daddy just don't know)
I'll put you in the hoodbug
I know what I'm doin cause
That's where we'll be eating on the low (Eating on the low)

Meet me at the southside
Baby we can go hide
Knowin' that my boys gon' have my back (Yeah, yeah)
Only at the southside girl (Southside, eh eh)

Girl I know that we can make it
Cause we won't let him break it
I don't care who's with it
It's you and me against the world
Tell me those three words that
Let's me know you're still my girl
Oh baby yeah

[Ashanti (Lloyd)]
Oh I swear I'll never leave you (Why)
People have lied to you
But by your side I'll show you
The way a girl needs to roll
You don't need a lot of money
I'm ready come pick me up, pick me up
(Baby I know a place that we can go to be alone, yeah)
As long as you make sure that you safely get me home
(Don't worry baby)


I live for to die for
Clip it up drive by
Windows down, ride by
Niggaz know my pedigree
Can never be denied by
Always gon' be southside
New Year's Day with the crowds slide
All the way to New Year's Eve
Drink my beer, blow my green
Touchin' out state of mind
In this here great state of mine
Took my chances, played the line
Bet it, twenty mo' I shoot
It don't matter, win or loose
Love ya dog, know I do
Holla way, we rollin' through
The southside

[Lloyd (Ashanti)]
Cause all I want to do, is ride to the south with you (Oh, ooh, oh)
A-T-L Georgia, what do we do for ya

[Chorus with variations]

[Lloyd (Ashanti)]
A-T-L Georgia, what do we do for ya
Put it down like we Georgetown Hoyas
(Can you pick me up tonight, take me anywhere you like)
Shorty let's ride, in my Cadillac (Cadillac)
Tilt yo seat back (yeah)
And everything'll be cool (Yeah)
Say it girl (yeah)
Alright (Oh, ooh, oh)
So what you wanna do (We gon' kick it tonight)
Yeah, yeah (Yeah only at the southside)
I know that you ain't used to this country boy
But I'll show ya (Show me)
Ain't nothing but a thing (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Chicken wing on string (Baby, baby, baby)
That's how I hang (Only at the southside)

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