Paroles Sleepy de Ataris

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  • Artiste: Ataris4606
  • Chanson: Sleepy
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Textes et Paroles de Sleepy

It's frivolous, it's pointless,
I'm waiting here in line.
I'd buy a cup of coffee
But i just wanna kill some time.
I'm watching you,
Now, i'm staring at you.
I figure that you notice,
But you don't really have a clue. (a clue)
Time sure does fly
When your just a lonely boy
Waiting for someone to come along
And ruin your fun
Sitting all alone with that quiet smile
On your face
I pretend i'm not interested
By staring off in to space.
Why did i act like i didn't even care?
Now i wish that you could only be there.
A game of cat and mouse that curiousity has
Just call it pointless... call it what you will.

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