Paroles Pipe Dreams de Atticus

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  • Artiste: Atticus21087
  • Chanson: Pipe Dreams
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Textes et Paroles de Pipe Dreams

Terrible nightmare woke me again
I had to call on my best friend
Just can't sleep through the night anymore
Without the feeling something's at my door

Try to go to sleep using sleeping pills
All they did was make me ill
Sleeping is the hardest thing to do
When you've got the feeling something's after you

One o'clock comes and I'm still awake
God I hope this is a fear that I can shake
I'm so tired all through the day
Gotta get some sleep somehow, someway

Now I'm awake and lying in bed
And all I hear are these voices in my head
Now I know that if I'm gonna get some sleep
I gotta fix that freakin' leak

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