Paroles London de Barry Manilow

Barry Manilow
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  • Chanson: London
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Textes et Paroles de London

New York winter Traffic squeals
The city old
Late December taxi ride
Then run inside it's cold

Got your letters Monday
I think or Tuesday
I lose track
since then I've been thinking of you
and I've been looking back to

Can you believe it's so many years since
Hitching a ride and carrying knapsacks
In the park by the Thames Drinking tea
sitting in pubs and living in walk-ups
Learnin' the accent learnin' to love you
We were young we were sure
We were... free

Was it really ages
Ago the memories Never fade
can you hear Big Ben where you are
and are you glad you stayed in

Dodging the rain with broken umbrellas
Readind the Times on saturday picnics
Counting stars ¡®till the stars
All were gone

So many plans and nothing but time in
Nothing to fear 'cause nothing could last in
We grew close we grew scared
I moved on

Oh London
What were we scared of
Why did I run from London
Part of me still has
Never come back from London
Is it fair that I miss
You so much

Take good care all my love
Keep in touch
New York winter taxi ride
Then run inside it's cold

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