Paroles Homeless child de Ben Harper

Ben Harper
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  • Artiste: Ben Harper2908
  • Chanson: Homeless child
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Textes et Paroles de Homeless child

Nowhere here
to call my home
no one near
to call my own
all that's left
is for me to roam
somebody please
help me hang on

Homeless child
homeless child
what is left
for the homeless child

There is no night
and there is no day
it is all
one shade of gray
some will pass
and some will stay
is this the end
or just one more day

Homeless child
homeless child
what is left
for the homeless child

Sure not much
but it's my best
I just need
some place to rest
if you could just
let me be your guest
I won't burden you
for very long

Homeless child
homeless child
what is left
for the homeless child

  "The will to live [#2]"

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