Paroles Shs-10r de Ben Kweller

Ben Kweller
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  • Artiste: Ben Kweller4952
  • Chanson: Shs-10r
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Textes et Paroles de Shs-10r

i dont like to get high but i wont pass it by
how could you ask for more md-74
come with me on a slow ride
run out of gas on the road side you cant make my fat bass hide if i say it its so!

world peace aint so far with my SHS-10R
world peace aint so far with my SHS-10R

and im cruisin the town from time to time
and im makin ya frown from rhyme to rhyme
with my red board of keys
were goin to beverleeeees
i travel around the world where my heart is my home i keep on mindin my own so they leave me alone
but all the rappers from l.a. to new york city i pitty
cause im combining texas with midi

world peace aint so far with my SHS-10R
world peace aint so far with my SHS-10R

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