Paroles Saneless Theory de Benediction

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  • Artiste: Benediction4918
  • Chanson: Saneless Theory
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Textes et Paroles de Saneless Theory

Obscure opression, from within
Controlled behavious
Mass suppression in complex systems
Dictate before the birth

[Chorus :]
Underlying confusion
Life breaks free
A mournful expansion
Saneless Theory

Those detractors unnatural order
Erratic recursion of thought
Irrational change, the aspect of life
Chaotic order sought


Regularity / Random
Fractal complexity
Witness sterile fluctuation
Saneless Theory

Ruling powers assimilate
Overshadow, subjugate
No predictions an unfound dream
Egress reality

Yet deviations are amplified
Into chaotic theme
Enter Chaos !

Their passionate numbness
Ascetic credibly
Hidden in the emerging field of
Saneless Theory.

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