Paroles Hate de Bill Ward

Bill Ward
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  • Artiste: Bill Ward9263
  • Chanson: Hate
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Textes et Paroles de Hate

It's easy to ridicule somebody else's messes
It's easy to blame and sacrifice
It's easy to immunize and kill your many pressures
It's easy to do it and it's nice

It's easy to lust, objectify and crave for better
It's easy to kick and punch and take
It's easy to walk away, give up and say I'm better
It's easy to maim and hurt and fake

It's so easy
It's easy
To hate
To hate

It's easy to be on stage alone and feel indifferent
It's easy to lie, deny and ache
It's easy to live, especially when you're living
It's easy to want a big mistake

It's so easy
It's easy
To hate
To hate

It's easy to preach when you're immersed in self and anger
It's easy to throw away a life
It's easy to terrify all that you think you covet
It's easy to cut without a knife

It's so easy
It's easy
To hate

[Repeat to Fade]

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