Paroles Try Life de Bill Ward

Bill Ward
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  • Chanson: Try Life
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Textes et Paroles de Try Life

Try life
I heard try life
Seeds sown
To seek the unknown
What a reason
What a reason chasing me

I stayed hanging onto a life
That threatened to destroy
I knew it and it didn't even care
Help me from this was whispered in the dark
I knew that I'd got lost
But that life never listened it just laughed

When I got lonely
Ooh I got lonely
I'd ask it, I'd ask it connect me up, yeah yeah
And when I was dying
I thought I was dying
I'd ask it, I'd ask it to bring me 'round, yeah yeah

When hungry I would feed myself
To me and in that self made hell
I'd cry out
I'd cry out

That's when I heard try life
I heard try life
Real life
A whole life
What a reason
What a reason chasing me

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