Paroles Life And Death de Blaze

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  • Artiste: Blaze4967
  • Chanson: Life And Death
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Textes et Paroles de Life And Death

He lay broken, broken down, and the pieces on the ground
Are where they troud and ground him further down.
Where is the glue that mends a broken man
That can't defend himself against the slings and arrows of this world?
Where has he gone? Where has he gone?
Like a circle without end, life seems to repeat again
And in the circle he is trapped alone...
Alone and then he starts to think
Just what did bring him to the brink
Is this the ending where he must begin to carry on? To carry on?


Is it life and death to you?
Is it your whole world you're gonna lose?
Is it life and death to you?
Is it life or death you've got to choose?

Looking back to face the past
To put his face up to the glass
He still remembers where he has come from...
He just spent so long on the edge
He walked along they highest ledge
He just forgot that anyone can fall... So carry on... So carry on...

[Repeat chorus]

You've got to choose, yeah!

Falling down's a hazard when you're standing up
And if you fall, remember that you can get up again
If you don't know where you belong
Wherever you feel safe is home
And if you're weak remember you can grow strong... grow strong...

You can grow strong....

[Repeat chorus]

Is it life and death to you?
Is it your whole world you're going to lose?
Is it life and death to you?
'Cause it's life or death you've got to choose...


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