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  • Artiste: Blues Traveler8536
  • Chanson: Slow Change
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Textes et Paroles de Slow Change

Just think about what you and I have been through
And tell me why I should not be afraid
I said I don't want to hear about the promises they told us
I don't wanna hear about the progress that they made

Slow change
Don't mean nothing to me

Well fear not, cause my fear soon turns to anger
As I watch my world get ruined by a pristine hand
And I'm out here, saying "Excuse me" like a stranger
Cause I never did learn how to say "Isn't this grand"

Slow change
Don't mean nothing to me

Black cat
Squashed flat...pretty gory

Came to play
Swept big story

May be down
Still around...walking aftermath

Still alive
Learn to drive...don't cross his path

We shall overcome is what they tell us
But the sun goes down and dawns just too many times
That's all right, don't worry, in God do we trust
Besides, you went and got yours, so I guess I'll just go get mine

Slow change
Don't mean nothing to me

Slow change
Don't mean nothing to me

Slow change
Don't mean nothing to me

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