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Textes et Paroles de Relationships

"Yeah I know all the fellas out there,
Got a girl that's real special to em.
Yeah I do too...
Sometimes, it's not as easy as it seems"
You know I love you...
But your driving me crazy!!!
Your hungry, your sleepy, your angry, your happy,
Your cold, then your hot, then your fine, then your not.
Then your sick, your healthy, you wanna go party,
Your jealous, your drunk, your crying, I'm lying, your mad.
Now I'm trippin your sleepy, your angry, your buggin.
I'm done, and I'm loosin my mind!
Now your sober, your sorry, you love me, I love you,
I hate this, you love it, you say that it's healthy!

I Love You!
Your driving, your driving me crazy!
I Love You!
Your driving, your driving me mad!
Your happy your sad, you ask me if I'm OK,
Tired, I'm working, I'm just trying to concentrate,
Your cool, your buggin off some TV show you saw,
Trippin accusing, then say that your sorry.
I'm stressing, your playing, I'm working, you rub me,
I'm cool, now I'm calm, now you wanna go snuggle.
I'm talking, your talking, I'm yelling, your cryin',
I hug you, you sniffle, I'm happy.
The phone rings it's drama, I listen, your girlfriend's mans cheating!
Your mad and your angry, and you act like it was me!
I'm drained, I'm sleepy, you crawl into bed,
And you hug me and kiss me, and tell me you need me.

[Chorus x2]

"Um baby, I don't know if I like this song...
I mean, do you love me or do you hate me?"
"Come on girl, you know I love you."
"Oh really? Well what about last night?!"
"Come on, you was on that bullshit last night bitch!"
"Oh what ever, you call that love???"

[Chorus x2]

I Love You! "Oh you know I love you too baby"
But what about all this shit about going into the studio four days
To make a Goddamn four minute record huh?
And what's all this Goddamn spending time with your friends
When they ain't doing shit!
And I understand... your the star!
But what about my life? What about my hair?
What about my nails? What about my parties?
I wanna spend time with my friends Goddamn it!

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