Paroles Domesticated Violence de Bogdan Raczynski

Bogdan Raczynski
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  • Artiste: Bogdan Raczynski25172
  • Chanson: Domesticated Violence
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Textes et Paroles de Domesticated Violence

hey you, pretty girl, over there dancing
i want to touch you
i want to lick you, hey pretty girl, dont be shy
dont be afraid of me i ain't got nothing to hide
how about you and i head back to some quiet place
and get frisky

hey pretty girl, standing over there
do you want to get naughty with me tonight

hey pretty girl, yeah, you know when i'm talking to you

what do you want
maybe i got it
and maybe i, maybe i, maybe i

hey pretty girl, doing those fancy moves
save some energy for me, cuz i'm a save some for you
come on over and touch me
save some energy for me cuz i'm a save some for you

i know you're shy
i know you're scared of me
i know

don't play games with me
and i won't play checkers with you
let's just screw

access denied
panties open wide

i'll bet you're a naughty girl
i'll bet you wanna take your
take your
take your bra off

i'd like to see your breasts
i'd like to touch your breasts
i'd like to taste your breasts
right now

yeah, i'm a real dirty boy
no denying that
but if it's what you want
come here and get

do you want to get naughty with me tonight

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