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Bon Jovi
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Textes et Paroles de Save the world

I never went to college
I don't have a degree
Let's say I went to night school
I learned all I know on the streets
I wasn't born a rich man
I ain't got no pedigree
The sweat on this old collar
That's my Ph.D.
It comes down to this
I wouldn't exist
Without you it ain't worth the grind
I'd fight for one kiss
On a night like this
You make me feel I could fly, like
I can save the world
Since the night your love saved me
Maybe I can't save the world
But as long as you believe
Maybe I can save the world
I've gotta confess
Sometimes I'm a mess
Sometimes I step out of line
Like this old tattoo
I ain't shiny or new
With you by my side nothing matters
Repeat chorus
Guitar solo
They can say it's blind love
But it's a fool who don't believe
That I'd fly all the way to the moon
Just to walk you down your street
I can save the world
Since the night your love saved me
Maybe I can't save the world
But as long as you believe
Our love is even stronger
Than God hoped it could be
Baby, all it takes is
Just a little faith in me
To feel like
I can save the world
I can save the world

  "Crush [#8]"

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