Paroles Empires Erased de Born Of Osiris

Born Of Osiris
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  • Artiste: Born Of Osiris42016
  • Chanson: Empires Erased
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Textes et Paroles de Empires Erased

This isn't over yet and we've only just begun to create this.
I thought I lost it all not.
Not wrapped between the sheets.
Trust in me. You will see.
Believe in me and let the others have their way with you.
Your life, forgotten empire erased.
Trust in me. You will see this victory.
We stop defeat this offering.
It must remain catastrophe in this city.
On this day catastrophe. It's still not over yet.
There's something left for the taking.
Forces of nature.
Ruler and judge when will the heavens open up.
Give me a reaction.
Give it all up.
This is the only way we can obey.
This is something that we will never win hope for defeat

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