Paroles Two Worlds Of Design de Born Of Osiris

Born Of Osiris
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  • Artiste: Born Of Osiris42016
  • Chanson: Two Worlds Of Design
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Textes et Paroles de Two Worlds Of Design

Will we ever really learn of our creation
Or will this century
Claim the natural domain
Breakaway at a point when it's too late
Now the course is set
And our destination is our fate
A lesson learned will not remain
Gone past your call
See the complex set
You must explorate
Toward the promise land
The purity has taken leave with
The modern age supremacy
Manipulate the siege
Grant me the means to
Render useless, the machines
We are falling into the circles
The smallest pieces
Are taking shape and taking charge
We combine two worlds of design
Never thought connecting
I left myself inside the wires
We combine to worlds of design
Try living out in the open
The slightest change
Equals time inside the wires
The harmony of nature
Within the body of knowledge
Find life in the consequence of discovery
But there's still a mystery that blinds

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