Paroles Outer Space Doesn't Care About You de Briefs (The)

Briefs (The)
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  • Artiste: Briefs (The)18508
  • Chanson: Outer Space Doesn't Care About You
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Textes et Paroles de Outer Space Doesn't Care About You

Exploration, what's outside?
Science Fiction [What they teach you?] may be true
But Outerspace don't care for you

(Lightyears from home)
Just a blip on the screen you'll be
(Lightyears from home)
When a meteor creams you

Cold dead eyes,?
Outerspace, Don't Care
For Your Face, Don't Care

Operation what's outside
No atmosphere, No future lives
What they oughta teach in school
Is outerspace don't care for you

(Lightyears from home)
Just a blip on the screen you'll be
(Lightyears from home)
When no one hears you screaming

Cold dead eyes, your trapped inside
Outerspace, Don't Care
For your face, Don't Care


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