Paroles Sex Objects de Briefs (The)

Briefs (The)
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  • Artiste: Briefs (The)18508
  • Chanson: Sex Objects
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Textes et Paroles de Sex Objects

I was alone and I was so confused
but then I found the thing that I could really use
she was only $19.95
so I blew her up and watched her come alive

In the back of magazines they hide
behind the collard tees every color every shape and every size
deliverages save time to you
Money back guaranteed

SEX OBJECTS they're for pretend

It couldn't be any better than this
the plastic smooth so on the kiss
every day is just like the first
I hope my lover she never bursts

Its an easy thing to do remember just abide with me
you know you rarely share these things
loves funny with what it brings some times
either way she's all mine

SEX OBJECTS they're for pretend

Oh yeah they tell me that its wrong
but I knew that all along
and yes it maybe strange but
that don't change the fact that im in love with plastic sex

SEX OBJECTS they're for pretend

keeps me so nice all day all night
Synthetic skin and I fight right in

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