Paroles Janae Janae de Burnout 27

Burnout 27
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  • Artiste: Burnout 2737964
  • Chanson: Janae Janae
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Textes et Paroles de Janae Janae

I watched you grow since you were just fifteen
You're my favourite character on Ramsay Street
Ever since you showed up in that red bikini
I've often fantasised what you could do to me

It really turned me on when you slapped Serena's face
And when I saw you at the beach I wished that Boyd was me
Then I'd lick the Timmins tap and hope to catch your germs
Sit with you in Suzie K's and date you in year twelve

I swear i'm not like Boyd, wont cheat on you
Might be a little uglier but id love you too
And I would be there for you every single day
Janae, Janae, Janae

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