Paroles Hey Girl de Calvin Crabtree

Calvin Crabtree
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  • Chanson: Hey Girl
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Textes et Paroles de Hey Girl

Has are time together torn us apart
I thought we wiped the slate clean. A fresh start
It's not hard just make it work
A you that hurt cause I know you been through worse
But yes you turn around
Go back to him like you wan the drama back in you life
I know I make it sound nice
But try experiencing this in real life
Daily fights over nothing. If she trying to get rid of me
Why don't she say something
My Gums ain't bumping. Just trying got to speak My half
But yet y'all just don't know the half
Wishing I could take it back to how it was real love doesn't fade
I know I should know better but I guess I'm in a daze
I don't comprehend. All that talk about being forever? Was that pretend?
You need to stop cause you know I'll be there till the end of days baby

Hey girl won't you come sit next to me
Don't let this pass us by you and me eturaty
Hey girl won't you come sit next to me
Don't let this pass us by you and me eturaty
Now hey girl won't you come sit next to me
Don't let this pass us by you and me eturaty
Well fly together like 2 doves starting something new
I close my eyes at night and all I think about is you

Can't you see the tracks of my tears
From sadness and fear of you not being here
I worried some say for some one who don't even care
Got me sitting here dazing in a long stare
Thinking about how I can get you back in my life
Hoping you ain't found someone else cause I still want you as my wife
Still shocked to the fact this happened over night
A lil fight got us not talking for life
But have I gone crazy? or is this how love made me?
How should I be behaving?
Put me threw all this just to end up being not shit
10 years from now should I for get? wave and say hi like is nothing?
Drop it like that? Why not be like that way back as in right now?
But somehow my hearts going in two directions
One wants you as my selection the other one saying
Haven't you learned your lesson?

[Chorus x2]

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