Paroles Thinking de Calvin Crabtree

Calvin Crabtree
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  • Chanson: Thinking
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Textes et Paroles de Thinking

[Calvin Crabtree:]
Layed back. Lost and lonely. Feeling Like I'm drifting
Where's all my true homies? Memory's and it's just left at that
Right handed player stepping up left on bat
But who's next? Who lasts?
Past made me grow cold but it was a blast, just a kid
Not knowing if my life would be
A paradise where everything is lavish
Or a pair of dice like I'm lucky to have it
I still don't know but when a good moment comes I grasp it
Known for mashing like 195 proof
Spitting the truth, only to lie in the end
Six feet deep with the rest of my friends
Now is there truly time for thinking back?
End up slippin? Just trying to make it right
The world is cold when come a time to forget
Better yet not get in that position
Wouldn't they still be here?
Might of done some wrongs but no fears, No Regrets

[Chorus: x3]
Just a kid wishing for tomorrow trying to see better days
I let them slip right through my hands

[Calvin Crabtree:]
Just a G. Keeping it real
BC give me that beat I'll show them how I feel
Calvin Crabtree still holding that top spot
We taking over so let me reach your heart
I'm trying to be that spark that reaches the world
Make me do the best like when I'm with my girl
They say I got heart but when do the pain stop
I'm just trying to reach the youth
The proof, Just listen
Life sometime so hard but still I strive
It's my destiny. I'm gonna survive
Trying to live life to the fullest. And when I die
Hope it's from old age and not from a bullet
Fin to be like one of the greatest
But I don't want to end up just like them
A true friend is what I am to those who accept it
I count my blessings cause it's easy to keep track
And when it come time to reminisce
Wish I could laugh my past filled with pain


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