Paroles This World Of Mine de Canaan

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  • Artiste: Canaan5347
  • Chanson: This World Of Mine
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Textes et Paroles de This World Of Mine

This world of mine
is a world of wonders
This world of mine
is a world of nightmares
This world of mine
is a world of wonders

Deep down under
my house of sand and snow
rest in silence
And a forever changing memory
protects me from the bites
of conscience
Deep down under
Another night of wishes
Takes the place of day

This world of mine
is a world of wonders
A straight line to a place
where all the egdes collapse
This world of mine
is a world of nightmares
where the sides are all the same

Deep down under
you can hear the beasts
that crawl underneath my skin
Deep down there
They make strange noises
when they crash into the walls
Of a dream-proof reality

This world of mine
is a precious land
where everything's going fine
I just need another hole
to kill this pain that hurts
like a nail.

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