Paroles Burn Your House Brown de Cardiacs

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  • Artiste: Cardiacs12550
  • Chanson: Burn Your House Brown
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Textes et Paroles de Burn Your House Brown

Left to live out our lives on earth
Unplug Katie crush the orange
Wash the insides toast the peelings
Break the kitchen play the windows
Play the floor the tiles and ceiling

Look out here is hoover standing ugly at the door
His pretty little tubing's getting sucked into the floor
The floor says this is dangerous the fridge is unaware
That everything it closes on is living without air

Plug it in the wall and it works oven cries
Little drops of grease all dirty brown but clean inside
Big house small house tumbling around
Its a nail the knives and forks and the table to the ground

Unplug Katie crush the orange
Wash the inside toast the peelings
Break the kitchen play the windows
Play the floor the tiles and ceiling

Left to live out my life on earth (x8)

Marys house is upside down
She burnt the walls to make them brown
But left to her devices foiled by bluntness
She would take pleasure
In finding something pointier
In finding something pointier (xLots - to end)

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