Paroles You Will Be Shot And The Cost Of The Bullet Will Be Billed To Your Family de Carry The Casket

Carry The Casket
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  • Artiste: Carry The Casket28747
  • Chanson: You Will Be Shot And The Cost Of The Bullet Will Be Billed To Your Family
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Textes et Paroles de You Will Be Shot And The Cost Of The Bullet Will Be Billed To Your Family

You're gonna die alone
in no ones arms but your fucking own.
i hope i'm there to laugh at you.
is your precious ego still bruised?
that's right, fuck you, asshole!
i'll be singing "hallelujah" at your funeral.
don't speak my name, forget i exist.
i hope you choke to death on your own shit.
cause i fucking hate you.
i wanna fucking suffocate you.
don't attempt to talk your way out. you fucking can't.
i should've hung you from the highest branch.
this is a brick through your window
with a fucking note attached:
"traitor. cunt. i hate your guts.
you'll never get a second chance."
forget we fucking met.
i have enough friends

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