Paroles The President de King Missile

King Missile
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  • Artiste: King Missile22311
  • Chanson: The President
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Textes et Paroles de The President

Hail to the scumbag, the motherfucking president

Fucking piece of shit. Scumbag asshole fucking retard. Scumbag scumbag, you fucking piece of shit. Little fucking piece of shit. Fuck you, you little fucking eatshit scumbag. Eat my shit, fuckwad. Fuckface. Fuck you, you fuck. You fucking little scumbag. You suck ass, you fucking scumbag. You little fucking scumbag. You're a condom. You're a fucking condom. You're full of scum. You're a fucking bag full of fucking scum. You walk around full of the come that you lick up off the street. You eat shit, you suck shit. You're a fucking piece-of-shit scumbag. I hate your fucking guts, and I want you to die, and it's not even like I think you're gonna win again. It's not like I have to fucking watch you on the television, 'cause I don't fucking watch television when you're on the television. It's just that you're a fucking piece of shitfuck, shitfuck. It's just that I fucking hate you, you fucking piece of shit. It's just that you're a fucking piece of shitfucking cokehead pretzel-choking drunken coma †fuck you. Fuck you, you piece-of-shit scumbag motherfucker asshole scumbag scumbag piece of shit little fucking asshole retard hard-on prickfuck scumbag shitface. Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, and fuck the Congress for sucking your dick, and fuck everybody who puts up with it †including me. Fuck me for not killing you. Fuck everybody who's come within fifteen fucking feet of you and hasn't fucking tried. But fuck murder, fuck rotting in jail, fuck you and fuck you and fuck †you don't even deserve to be executed. Just die a slow fucking painful fucking death, you illiterate shit scumbag scumbag motherfucking shit-eating scumbag scumbag. You fucking, you fuck, fuck, fuck you.

Fucking piece of shit.

Fucking scumbag.

Piece of shit.

Motherfucking scumbag scumbag scumbag piece of shit fuck fuck fuck fuck.

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