Paroles Mentally Cracked de Castrum (ukraine)

Castrum (ukraine)
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  • Artiste: Castrum (ukraine)9310
  • Chanson: Mentally Cracked
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Textes et Paroles de Mentally Cracked

When fire burns my heart
And hatred grows inside
I wish I could destroy your will
Beware the vengeance is here

The way you have chosen is the way you believe
But don't try to cross it with other beliefs
Nobody likes to get enslaved
So better reserve it for fakes

You hear the voices of fear
Those sounds driving you mad
Your sanity replaced by insanity
And mentally you are cracked

Thy presence of consciousness is slowly fading away
You feel the outer power is growing everyday
Thy nerves are getting out of control
Am I should ask: "Do you want more?"

Stressed by society, undressed by the system
Increased aggressions, extreme conditions
Hopeless & aimless, the targets are brainless
Killing with power, the innocents suffer

No understanding, humanity sentenced to its ending
Nature is going to be lost due to people's high cost

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