Paroles Gates of Anubis de Catamenia

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  • Artiste: Catamenia5040
  • Chanson: Gates of Anubis
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Textes et Paroles de Gates of Anubis

I give you life and take it away
I`m the one who crush and create
I was there, watching when you born
now I`m here to take my own.

Weaped out, throwed in
that`s the way and that`s how it should be
all the saints, all the sins
truth is here and here it stays.

Is here heaven or is it hell?
no-one came back, no-one can tell
veil of secrets, ahead of sight
before we learn to see we had to die.

Looking back like something would change
no choice to choose the side on the way
just prepare forgot your past life
through the gates of anubis...

Is here heaven...

Through the starlight
we are heading into ending
sword of orion
is waiting for the dying.

Is here heaven...

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