Paroles Individualized Floor Puncher de Charles Bronson

Charles Bronson
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  • Artiste: Charles Bronson13430
  • Chanson: Individualized Floor Puncher
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Textes et Paroles de Individualized Floor Puncher

I've practiced in the mirror
I've got the clapping part down
but you'll never see it unless
each of my dozen friends are around

I'm an individual
a human being with a mind of my own
and you can't tell me shit

So at the show, you pussies on the floor
can bet that the only reason that you're alive
is cuz I haven't killed you yet and that's because
I'm a freethinker, so I can fucking point and sing

even when there isn't even any fucking music playing
I'm a human being with a mind of my own
and I think for myself
all the time when my friends come over
and watch the X-Files

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