Paroles War Stomp de Claustrofobia

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  • Artiste: Claustrofobia50704
  • Chanson: War Stomp
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Textes et Paroles de War Stomp

It's brutal and instinctive, that's the fucking fact
Living with deception in the temple of perdition
Promises go away war every day,
Every moment you might be afraid
Only the strong survive, i know the rules

There is rotting flesh but regeneration is coming
New blood, new attitude...
I've come to shock your neural system
With no abuse... it's a new history that time cannot destroy
War stomp

Let them laugh, let them talk
Don't be indebted, don't be afraid
Let them laugh, let them talk
The world keeps on turning
War stomp

When the rope is around your neck,
Keep your head up and pursue your goal
The throat is dry and sweat is cold
Stay calm, welcome to the real world

A different view created by the environment
A strength coming from the soul, from the heart
A musical violence, conscious to the rhytm of the beats
War stomp

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