Paroles A Fridge Too Full de Cliteater

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  • Artiste: Cliteater7137
  • Chanson: A Fridge Too Full
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Textes et Paroles de A Fridge Too Full

Now I have to live with my sins
And beatiful were the times
When I committed them
I might get caught because I have

A fridge too full
Killed too many people
Stuffed with corpses
A fridge too full

Don't you see?
You force me to be a cannibal
Now I have to eat my victims
SO there will be no trace left

[Repeat chorus X2]
A fridge too full
Forced to be a cannibal
A fridge too full
Forced to be a cannibal

You won't allow me
To practice my hobby
My most favourite thing
Killing people, killing people

[Repeat chorus X2]

Why are there
So many cannibals in the world
They all have a fridge too full

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