Paroles Trudy de Dan Bern

Dan Bern
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  • Artiste: Dan Bern22567
  • Chanson: Trudy
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Textes et Paroles de Trudy

And my friend comes inSeen old Barry on the wallSaid you oughta have an asterisk up thereSo I painted on the wallWith the paintbrush in my handAn asterisk but what the hellHe's still up thereI am painting my mistakesUnderneath your soft embraceThey're all marching to Pretoria but my dearThe Colts are on TVAnd I guess we'll have to seeHow it goes, how it isIn the Christian New YearAnd I have an escape routeFor my life, for my timeJust one push of this button over hereNew clothes, new faceNew name, vanish with no traceAnd a fine apartment on Cape FearI am painting something warmTo ride us through this stormAnd the days fade and the car's in second gearAnd all the questions you been savingFor the next electric waveWill all be answeredIn the Christian New YearTrudy Trudy TrudyI'm still on active dutyAnd you know what happens when you're AWOLIf you're fragile you get droppedIf you're tough they'll help you upBut maybe thoughIn a little whileEvery time a bird flies byTears well up in my eyeI can feel the rain from a couple mornings downOut in the pasture the cow's in heatSomeone gonna sweep her off her feetProbably one of them bullsWander out here from townI am driving to my graveSure as Moses was a slaveBut I'm happy as long as I can steerI am dreading the diseaseBut El Paso's on its kneesAnd there's still days and daysTil the Christian New Year

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