Paroles All Of Your Acts de Daniele Liverani

Daniele Liverani
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  • Artiste: Daniele Liverani7165
  • Chanson: All Of Your Acts
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Textes et Paroles de All Of Your Acts

[Mc Chaos Consultant]
I'm Glad To See You
Sit At The Consoles
Every One Of You
Has Been Created For
With The Right Experience

The Stuff You Will Need
To Create The Scenes
For Your Dreamer's Wills
Will Be Brought To You From
The Warehouses Of The Reign

King Mc Chaos
Has Just Sent Me Here
To Tell You The Main Rules
So Listen Carefully

One !
You'll Be Living Only Once
Two !
Never Share Their Fantasies
Three !
Never Show Yourself To Them

He's The Ruler Of This Land
He'll Respond For

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