Paroles Regrets de Danny!

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  • Artiste: Danny!10257
  • Chanson: Regrets
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Textes et Paroles de Regrets

Yeah, regrets
Sometimes we don't know why we do what we do, man
We all make mistakes
Every last one of us has
Done some things that we ain't proud of
We're all human
So don't even try to act like
You're a perfect angel nigga
'Cause who is you foolin'?
D. Swain

[Verse 1:]
Whether it's beatin' your wife down or pushin' powder
Most of you cowards be doin' things you ain't proud of
Don't try to act like your life is all rosy and shit
Then try to judge me, nigga you don't know me and shit
You throw me a brick, but give me a break
It's bad enough tryin' to deal with my regrets on the daily
'Cause I had it rough, under stress goin' crazy
Gotta grab my nuts, it's a test that He gave me
Only He can save me, but yet and still you attack Swain
Just because I used to live my life in the fast lane
That's unacceptable
I know I'm young and restless
Though I've got a bigger conscience than the rest of you
It's best that you regard your mistakes as a lesson learned
Instead of regrets, respect you earn
We all have regrets, but that's a given
The name of the game is knowing how to live with 'em

[Chorus: scratches by Danny!]
The past is crazy, but the past made me
The man I am today, nothing's gonna stand in my way
Mandatory, no one else can plan it for me
Yo I'm layin' my regrets to rest, I'ma be okay
[unknown:] "Wh-wh-what are we talking about here"
[Jay-Z:] "In order to survive, gotta learn to live with regrets"
[T.I.:] "St-still ain't forgave myself"
[Guru:] "Steady at it...d-d-deadly habits"

[Verse 2:]
I've got a lot of remorse for stupid things that I did
I could've been settled by now, had a wife and a kid
Didn't have a father figure in my life when I slid
He created me and dipped the fuck out like Michael Biv'
And I think that's why I am the way I am today
Too afraid of being him to start a fam-i-lay
I'm sick of lettin' these regrets stand in my way
Too many damn mistakes made, could've landed me in J-
A-I-L, think of all the lies that I'd tell
All the hearts that I would break and all the times I fell
I wish I never got that password from Miss Payton
Man I wish I hadn't left Teresa waitin'
I wish I gave a bigger plate of F.O.O.D. to my ace boon coon
And hadn't my first taste of poon way too soon
Won't let the past change my destiny
Best believe I ain't gon' let regrets get the best of me


Yeah...y'all know exactly what I'm talkin' 'bout man
1,2...yo I'm talkin' 'bout regrets man
Yeah, 2005, Flipside, you know what time it is
Shit, you gotta learn how to deal with these regrets man
Off top, I keep it real but uh, I can't front
There's a lot of stuff I still gotta let go of though
That's word...D. Swain, I'm out

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