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Textes et Paroles de Where Were You

(feat. 'Drea)

[Verse 1: Danny!]
Dear Teresa
I hope you get THIS letter
Better yet I hope you get the picture
I ain't even trying to sweat ya
I hope you get the gist 'cause I ain't gon' let ya
Just throw me out on the curb, woman I deserve better
You got some nerve Teresa, for dragging me along
On your emotional roller-coaster I never asked to get on
You get on my case, talking 'bout how I'm trippin' and
How I just don't listen and
All that other shit but you just missed your man
Then when shit hit the fan, you began to panic
Claimed I read you wrong, you and I both know that you just led me on
Chillin' on that new couch
Got your rocks off and went the I-Was-Just-Confused Route
Yeah I know what you about
You told me so many lies and I believed 'em
Talking 'bout your man like you was tryin' to leave him
Throwing out all kinds of reasons
How you gon' just throw me out in the cold, I'm freezin'
Keep in mind YOU started this
Left me hangin', now you got a heart to fix
I'm sayin' yo

[Chorus: 'Drea]
Where were you
I thought the love we had was true
How could you just walk away
From all the things we've been through
Think of me
When this is just a memory
Will you still be loving me
When all your color is gone

[Verse 2: Danny!]
We was a reenactment of "Me & Miss Jones"
You had your fun and now you wanna leave this alone?
I don't think so; I swear to God I wish we never met
Or better yet, I wish you could feel the pain you got me feelin'
Got me feelin' foolish, you was gassin' me up
Telling me things and selling me dreams
And then you left me, what I wasn't flashy enough?
Either that or you got sick of me
Prob'ly saw me on the job all by myself and took pity, shit please
I don't need your hand-outs, I don't need no charity
Spare me, I'm barely breathin'
My reason for speakin', clarity
I need for you to realize
That I don't need your real lies
Or fake truths, so don't go try to blame it on the Cuervo or the
Grey Goose, fuck makin' a truce
You made me feel useless
You could at least not disavow me
Now it's clear that you don't give two shits about me
Where were you when I needed you the most, you was ghost
You leavin' me? Jesus, have the decency to say goodbye
I thought we was close

[Chorus: 'Drea]
Where were you
I thought the love we had was true
How could you just walk away
From all the things we've been through
Think of me
When this is just a memory
Will you still be loving me
When all your color is gone

[Bridge: Danny! talking]
Oh, that's how you do huh?
Just love 'em and leave 'em, huh?
Just throw 'em on the curb, right?
That's fucked up, talkin' bout I brought color to your world
Man, I fell for some bullshit

[Verse 3: Danny!]
Yo, fuck this shit man, she gon' hear me out
She gon' hear me out today...shit lemme call her cell phone dog
...this is some bullshit right here

(*disconnected tone*)

The fuck? She prob'ly, she prob'ly turned her cell phone off
Prob'ly got her number changed
It's cool though, I'ma call her job
I'ma call her job right now
She's probably out with her trucker husband or some shit, lucky bastard

Employee: Blue Cross Blue Shield, this is Jonathan. How may I help you?

Danny!: Uhh, yes...may I speak to Teresa please?

Employee: Teresa? Teresa, sir? Are you a family member, sir?

Danny!: Nah, I'm more like a...close personal friend...

Employee: Well, I'm sorry to inform you sir, Teresa was killed in a car
accident two weeks ago on I-95...she was apparently headed to Savannah
to visit her friend, but an 18-wheeler ran her off the road. Sir, I
need to know if you're a family member; we've been trying to contact her
husband -- who is a truck driver -- we don't believe he's aware of the
situation. Uh, you wouldn't happen to know where her husband is, would
you? Uh, sir? Hello? Hello? Sir?

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